Nature the healer

Those who live closer to nature are less likely to have an array of medical issues, including obesity and depression, according to a new report. The study found that middle-aged Scottish men who lived in areas that were surrounded by greenery and an abundance of nature had a death rate that was 16% lower than their more... Continue Reading →

Introduction to the animal abuse registry

In recent years, worldwide consciousness has increased with regards to topics of animal abuse and protection of the environment. Due to this, animal abuse is being taken a lot more seriously than it ever has been before, which has resulted in countries introducing new laws to adapt to this change. Recently, a number of United... Continue Reading →

Is a spider about to eat you?

A recent entomological survey has concluded that a worldwide abundance of spiders means that, theoretically, the eight-legged arachnids could eat all of the humans currently on the planet in the space of just 12 months. This conclusion is however, only to put the amount of food that spiders eat into a comparative perspective, as spiders mostly eat... Continue Reading →

Think twice before you throw

A turtle named "Bank" has died following surgery to remove almost 1,000 coins from her stomach, according to vets in Thailand. The coins found inside Bank were a result of tourists repeatedly throwing them into the pond that was the turtle's home. Her death was caused by blood poisoning from the loose change, which was confirmed by doctors... Continue Reading →

Highlights of ranger struggles

In a week that has brought terrible news which highlights the endless hazards and dangers that animal protectors face, eight wildlife rangers have recently been killed in four separate countries. Sean Willmore, founder and director of the Thin Green Line Foundation, which supports widows and children of rangers killed in the line of duty, said, "It’s a tough week... Continue Reading →

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