Why should we care about bees?

Originally written for Ethical Surrey The end of June brought with it the end of this year’s Great British Bee Count. And what a tremendous count it was. It is increasingly becoming common knowledge that bees are in dire need of our help, as their rapid decline also hinders our own survival as a species.... Continue Reading →


Any transformation worth having won't come easily πŸ’š and then one day, just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, she became a beautiful butterfly πŸ›πŸƒ


It's wonderful to notice things The way in which the bold white spines of the feathers lay diagonally across the screen The shades of green and earthy brown representing the solid connection to nature The vibrant blue moving focus across the image The intricate intertwining of delicate hairs The perfectly designed placement to provide a... Continue Reading →

The Great British Bee Count

During the bank holiday weekend I took part in the Great British Bee Count. As we all know, bees are essential for our own survival, but they are rapidly declining due to a number of factors including heavy usage of strong pesticides, climate change, and the stress of the same bees being trucked from field-to-field... Continue Reading →

How to make fat balls in 3 easy steps

Garden birds love fat balls and bird cakes that are commonly available in pet stores, garden centres and even some major supermarkets. However, they are also super easy to make at home using a few simple ingredients. What you will need: bird seeds peanuts raisins grated cheese vegetable suet A container such as a yoghurt... Continue Reading →

Nature the healer

Those who live closer to nature are less likely to have an array of medical issues, including obesity and depression, according toΒ a new report. The study found that middle-aged Scottish men who lived in areas that were surrounded by greenery and an abundance of nature had a death rate that wasΒ 16% lower than their more... Continue Reading →

Introduction to the animal abuse registry

In recent years, worldwide consciousness has increased with regards to topics of animal abuse and protection of the environment. Due to this, animal abuse is being taken a lot more seriously than it ever has been before, which has resulted in countries introducing new laws to adapt to this change. Recently, a number of United... Continue Reading →

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