I discovered an amazing sustainable skincare brand!

Hey guys!

If you’ve been following me for a while then you’ll know that I’ve been slowly transitioning as many household products as possible over to natural, sustainable ones. I say “slowly” because the worst thing you can do when moving to a more eco lifestyle is to throw out all of your existing products and immediately replace them with eco alternatives – always ensure that you use up what you have, and never throw away something that can be safely utilised.

During a trip to Brighton a few months ago, I stumbled a really lovely shop called Wideye. I hadn’t heard of the brand before but was enticed by the beautiful window display, which looks a little like Lush but without the overwhelming smell.

Insta: @wideye_natural

I was in eco-heaven when I explored inside and stumbled across everything from individual, packaging-free bar soaps to facial toners in glass bottles. What made this brand really stand out for me (other than using all natural ingredients and recyclable packaging that you can return to the store) is the fact that the products are made locally by a small team.

Insta: @wideye_natural

In a world of greenwashing, I feel that brands such as Wideye are quite difficult to find, and to trust. But I have a very good vibe about this lovely small business.

During my first visit I bought their lavender hand cream, natural insect repellent and a vanilla lip balm. Each came in a recyclable metal tin and worked incredibly well.

I’m so looking forward to exploring more of their products and am so glad that I discovered them! You can explore them here: Wideye.

Let me know if you have any questions and if you try any of the products yourself!

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