Exhausted with the world.
I’ve fallen out of alignment with myself, pondering my purpose and questioning my contribution.
Fed up of the control that the media has over our lives and the attachment of social media for validation. Tired of sustainability being a TrenD that big companies are jumping on to brainwash us into thinking supporting them is good, when they are the ones causing the world to crumble so ferociously right now.

I feel lost.
This world, what is it? What is it becoming?

For the first time, the first real time, I am questioning my work, my job, whether what I’m doing is really making a difference at all.

With each thing I produce each day, I find myself asking who really cares? What impact is this having?

I am agitated.
I realise I am so privileged to be in this position, to be questioning what I want to do with my life. But the only thing worse than not acknowledging your privilege and being grateful for your life, is not using it to create good in this world. To give back in exchange for having this life, this energy.

I am restless.
Possibly more restless than I’ve ever been. With a soul-fueled yearning for more – to do more, to say more, to be more.

To create positivity and happiness, and not just hope. Not just hope that good things are coming, but to actually create those good things.

I am currently on a Greek island. Surrounded by not very much but everything that I need. The ocean, clean air, plants, wholesome food and family.

I am planning on using this time to rediscover what is truly important to me, and essential to helping the world heal, understand my purpose in this life and how I can use my energy to actually create something good, something sustainable, something exciting, empowering, pure and honest.

I hope that by me sharing these posts, these thoughts, these dreams, that you might also stop for a moment to consider what’s truly important to you. Truly important, not just what social media’s algorithm is strategically showing us that we “should” care about.

This life is ours.

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