It’s #WorldElephantDay today – my favourite animal in the entire world and my spirit animal since birth! 


A lot of people adore elephants, and I think that one of the reasons why is because many people feel that they can relate to elephants due to their similarities to us, which is really wonderful when you think about it!

In physical form, we are vastly different, between their four legs, huge stature and not to mention their iconic trunk! But if we begin to understand their personalities and look at their behaviour, we soon discover that we aren’t that different at all.


Here are three key elephant facts for you to share about the ways that humans are similar to elephants.

Elephant fun facts:

  • Elephants are incredibly family orientated, always sticking together and comforting each other when they are upset, and sisters even babysit their nieces and nephews
  • Elephants mourn their loved ones and even go back to visit their relative’s bones years after they have passed away – just like visiting a cemetery
  • They have a great understanding of working together as a team, and see the positives in cooperation. When a task needs to be done, they will often group together after planning the best way to tackle the problem



How can you help save elephants on #WorldElephantDay?

As you know, elephants are under great threat due to being poached for their ivory, which is seen as a status symbol in Asia. You can help the survival of elephants by:

  • Pledging to never buy any ivory products, and reporting any items that you may come across during your travels that you suspect may be ivory
  • Never support any animal entertainment such as elephants in circuses or riding elephants – even if you are told this is for conservation, it is not
  • Adopt an elephant to support vital conservation work to conserve elephants in the wild


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