Introduction to the animal abuse registry

In recent years, worldwide consciousness has increased with regards to topics of animal abuse and protection of the environment. Due to this, animal abuse is being taken a lot more seriously than it ever has been before, which has resulted in countries introducing new laws to adapt to this change. Recently, a number of United States jurisdictions have made laws that will require the names of those who have abused animals to be displayed in a registry that is similar to the ones that are used for the names of sex offenders.

The main aim of these registries is to ensure that those who have harmed animals in the past do not get the opportunity to do so again. The result of this will mean that those abusers will not be able to obtain animals from places such as retail outlets or shelters, which are required to have a “prospective adopter read and sign an affidavit that provides assurance that they are not on the registry”, according to recent reports.

The animal abuser registries will also be a vital tool for those who are looking for pet sitters when they are away, as it will allow people access to information detailing whether your potential pet sitter is safe to do the job. Although the registries are not yet a requirement in all states, they are slowly becoming more common throughout the country, and so far include New York City, Tennessee and Cook County, Illinois.

The additional hope with the introduction of these laws is that individuals will think twice before harming animals if they know that their names will then be found on a list that is easily searchable by the public.


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