Do you want to dance with a bear?

If you thought that our modern times and forward way of thinking had evolved past the use of should-be wild animals as entertainment through torture was long gone, then think again.
A nightclub in western France has been brought to the frontline of media attention as the club thought it appropriate to include a chained up grizzly bear as the main amusement of the club’s circus themed night.
Photos emerged of a highly distressed looking animal, restrained in chains and a muzzle to keep his mouth tightly shut at the Scala nightclub in Guipry-Messac over the weekend.


The bear is thought to have been from a travelling Russian circus, and has been in captivity his entire life, therefore never having his deserved right to live a life in his natural environment. The bear was put on display for visitors to the club, whilst extremely loud music blared and hundreds of people attended the evening, causing huge amounts of distress and upset to the bear.
The club’s predicted positive response from club-goers never materialised, and instead people were shocked.

One user on Facebook, Neal Collin, said, “Look at his eyes the distress and incomprehension. This makes me so sick! Just like billions of animals which we kill and use until total exhaustion, until the death for our personal pleasure. It is shameful.”

Hundreds of other social media users also commented on the club’s original promotion post, condemning the venue, with another stating, “Animals have the right to respect, stop using animals in order to make money.”



The only saving grace in this story is that the bizarre and highly unjustified scenario shocked and bewildered so many people, therefore bringing the utter disgrace and disgust of such entertainment to media attention, highlighting how people use helpless animals for their own amusement.

There has since been an online petition, which has already been signed by thousands of people, to ban the use of animals appearing in nightclubs.

My only thought is, there shouldn’t even be a need for such a petition in the first place.





You can read my original article here.

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