Wild Encounters

In a modern world where people travel more, people are more adventurous and there are increasingly more platforms to share your creativity, to be a success you must do something different. Break boundaries and go beyond the norm. And that is exactly what wildlife photographer, and one of my personal aspirations, David Yarrow does.

Yesterday I got the pleasure of seeing the stunningly fascinating photographs on display at Somerset House on the opening day of his latest exhibition, Wild Encounters, and even got to meet the humble man himself.

In my opinion, his photographs are on a completely different level to any other photographer at the moment, and that is due to a mixture of his unique creativity.

The first is his philosophy of never photographing an animal from above, but rather at eye-level or looking up at the animal, to show that we are not a superior species.

The second is his courage to travel to extreme conditions, where other photographers have not been, he pushes boundaries, does aΒ lot of research beforehand, and genuinely understands the animals that he photographs.

The third and most important for me, is the almost magical way that he conveys the animal’s soul in each and every photograph that he takes. It is incredible to gaze at a printed photograph, and feel like you are actually being transported to the scene. To gaze into that animal’s eyes and really feel like you understand them, that you know what they have been through in their life, and what they are fighting against to survive.

For me, David Yarrow encapsulates everything that wildlife photography should be.

You can check out his full body of work here, and can buy his new book ‘Wild Encounters’ from the 31st October.

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