The future for pangolins

This week brought incredible news for the critically endangered, and most illegally traded animal in the world, the elusive pangolin!

The majority of people have never even heard of this mammal, and many of those who have think that it is an armadillo. But pangolins are in fact the most illegally traded animal in the entire world, with one million of them being taken from the wild since 2006 and used for medicine and food in Asia!

Just like rhinos, their incredible sharp scales are also made of keratin, which the Asian market still incorrectly believe has medicinal value.

It was decided this week by CITES – the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species – that all 8 species of pangolin should be listed as Appendix 1, which is the highest level of protection, meaning that the trade of their parts is completely illegal.

This is a great step forwards for the protection of the incredible and rarely seen animal!

Cites discussions continue this week too, and we await to hear the listings of many other animals in danger…keep an eye out here for the updates!


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