Wildlife Conservation Channel

I am extremely excited to announce the launch of a new project that I have been working on with my Producer for while – a new video-on-demand service (like Netflix) purely for natural history documentaries!

The new and unique platform offers short films, documentaries and series for rent or purchase, and can be accessed worldwide.

With an aim of supporting conservation filmmakers around the world, our new website also offers a fundraising page where you can set up your own campaign to raise money, with the goal of spreading awareness for conservation.

We also have the absolute pleasure of featuring the full 84-minute version of canned-hunting exposé Blood Lions, as well as Sarah Begum’s Amazon Souls, which was filmed in the beautiful  Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest.

Founder of WCC, Brian Gow, said of the new innovative platform: ‘Our aim is to showcase the work of independent natural history filmmakers and get viewers involved in petitions, events and fundraising initiatives. We want young people to become conservation activists.’

With more titles being added each month, you can enjoy an array of wildlife and culture documentaries with no adverts or contracts!

Check out the new site at http://wildlifeconservationchannel.com/ and follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/wildlifecc


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