Nature 2.5

It’s currently 16:31 and 32 degrees Celsius in the Timbavati, I haven’t spoken to a real human being in about seven hours, I’ve got a raging cold from being exposed to 20 hours non-stop air-con on my way here, mix all that with having been up and active since 4.45am, and I’m feeling pretty delirious. What a wonderful time to write a blog post!

So what have I achieved today? Well I came across and correctly identified, using my new insect pocket guide, (YES finally got my hands on it!) a cow killer, or more commonly known as a velvet ant – see image below. This is in fact the tiny monster that powerfully stung me in Zululand a few months ago (you may recall from previous posts).

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 15.11.17

So as I’m pottering around, waiting to be picked up from my secluded room to be told my next task of the day, I’m very confused. I’m sure that I keep hearing people scuffling along in the sand, or jogging up to the awaiting Land Cruisers, so as I eagerly pace to greet them there is no one there – again. I am baffled. I’m sure I can hear people as the rustling that they are making through the trees is definitely too loud to be the wind. Fast-forward three hours and countless confused runs to my room, I discover the cheeky monkeys (literally monkeys, not children) are playing tricks on me. Jess – nil, nature – 1.

So after a day in the heat, reading various important documents and filling my new Harry Potter colouring book, I decide it’s cool enough to go for a gentle jog. I was wrong! I think I spent more time trying to squeeze my heat-swollen thighs into my lycra leggings (what a wonderful image for you!) than actually running! The countless insects combined with the rocky and uneven terrain, partnered with having to kick my way though plants to find the ground with each step and the remaining blazing heat, I think I got about 50m before having to collapse back into my wicker chair and resort back to colouring – evidently a task more manageable for me today. Jess – nil, nature – 2.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 15.12.35

As I walk over to the outside kitchen I see the grass stuttering, then suddenly, quick as a flash, I see a cute Mummy lizard hunting for its two waiting babies! Too bad I think I scared them away with the smell of my Cadbury’s egg and spoon that I decide to devour to congratulate myself after my successful run! Jess – nil, nature – 2.5.

So that’s about the extent of my day. Not too much occurring, but in nature you’ll always find something happening!

Other than that I’ve swatted away 50 buzzing mosquitos, gazed at about 30 beautiful butterflies and oh yes, I should mention that the only place to get wifi here is to stand outside the bathroom window of a disused building…in the middle of the biggest population of BITING ants that I have ever seen in my life. Literally as I look down there are about 30 on my legs and about a million surrounding me!

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 15.13.35

So I hope you appreciate this article and the struggles that I have had to endure to enable you to read it!

Tomorrow I move to a new location, so let’s all see what that will bring.

Enjoy 😀 Until next time…

Oh and to view more photos from my time in the African bush, please follow my Instagram @acctojess and my FB page According To Jess

May your evening be ant-free…

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