Your power within

Nature is the purest base of life. And nature is what makes this life naturally beautiful.
The power that created the natural environment that we live in is so far beyond a concept that we could ever possibly grasp; yet it is within all of us.

Whilst I was sleeping in the middle of the wild African bush in Zululand, South Africa, with no tent, nothing artificial except a sleeping bag, we lay with our heads circling a fire, watching the constellations of our galaxy burning above our heads. A lot of people say that you realise how small and irrelevant you are relatively to the existence of life. 

Yes, you are merely one human being out of 7 billion on planet Earth, and Earth is merely one planet out of eight planets and three dwarf planets orbiting around the sun which is 1.3 million times the size of our planet, and the sun is merely one star out of the 100 billion within our galaxy that is the Milkyway which is just one out of over 200 billion galaxies within the universe. 

However, I think that instead of looking at how irrelevant you may be within the concept of life, look at what you can do with just your one body and your one soul. Look at how much of a difference that you can make in life with all that you have. 

Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa believes that it is a great misconception that human beings have only five senses. Rather he believes that we have many more, but we have lost the ability to access them because we fill our minds with electronic ways of connecting.

Think about it, what is your gut instinct? It is always correct, yet you may not think that it involves any logical thinking even though you always reach the best decision for you. Surely that must come from somewhere. 

The society that we live in today makes us believe that we need many things to be happy. We need to stay connected with the world, not through nature, but instead through Facebook and Instagram and Whatsapp and Twitter, through phonecalls and skype and Pinterest and Tumblr. 

And I know that I am perhaps being hypocritical by posting this on a social media site, but believe me, if I could make my voice a megaphone for the entire world to hear then I would be saying these same words.

Do yourself a favour and take just one day to free yourself from all of those artificial distractions. Just 24 hours of no mobile phone, no social media, no TV, no emails; rather go outside, listen to the birds, lay in the grass and watch the clouds, dance in the rain, meditate, sing, relax.

Discover yourself. No one is you, and that is your power.

Let me know how it goes…

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