I am an animal lover, therefore I am a hunter

I am an animal lover therefore I am a hunter. I just enjoy watching things die and having fun killing a lion.

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Blood Lions

Back in May this year I attended a talk in South Africa by environmental journalist Ian Michler about his new documentary ‘Blood Lions’.

The documentary follows on from the topics discussed in my The Truth Behind My Lion Selfie, and discusses canned hunting in a very real way – as the film crew actually go on a canned hunt, whilst filming.

The opening words of this article are quotes from Blood Lions from the trophy hunters of this brutal self-proclaimed “sport”.

The footage is graphic and shocking but is something that everyone needs to see, in order to truly understand the extent of the horror of this popular industry.

The documentary goes deep into this barbaric multi-million dollar industry that is shockingly “against animal welfare, but not against the law”.

Figures of this inhumane “sport” are alarmingly higher than even I could have imagined…with 2-3 lions being killed in hunts every DAY, 800 captive lions shot last year in South Africa alone, and Ian even told us that when he started his research back in 1999, there were thought to be less than 1,000 predators in captivity. Now, the number currently stands at 8,000.

Blood Lions discusses cub petting, lion walking, canned hunting, lion trading, and the horrors of the new demand of the lion bone trade – now decreasing the lion population even further for lion bones to be used for the “medicinal” industry in Asia.

Again I ask you, is this conservation?

The documentary powerfully shuts down the claims of trophy hunters like Rebecca Francis and Kendall Jones, amongst the thousands of others, who claim that what they do is in the name of wildlife conservation.

Blood Lions explains that by you investing your money into eco-parks or volunteer projects that entice you with lion cubs that are actually bred for your purpose and interaction under false claims of conservation, you are directing the funding away from where it is really needed to save our wildlife species.

You can watch the trailer for Blood Lions and find out how you can help make a change at http://www.bloodlions.org.

Please continue to share my articles and together we can continue fighting the good fight.

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