Off I go again…

Only six weeks after returning from South Africa, I am venturing the 8,800 miles back there today!

During my three weeks there I will be joining a film crew to shoot the pilot episode of a new documentary titled ‘Volunteering for Wildlife’.

The idea of the documentary is to give viewers an insight into the vastly different volunteer programmes across South Africa, and the amazing work that both the volunteers and the staff do towards wildlife and environmental conservation.

Having volunteered on a South African game reserve myself a few years ago, I understand the brilliant work that these places do in an attempt to save our deteriorating planet. Through getting to know these workers through my experiences, I have learnt that these people do not believe that what they do is a job, but rather that it is a duty, to help this planet that we live on – not to mention that they absolutely adore what they do! It’s so refreshing to see people with such passion for what they do – something that I have found to be quite rare here in England.

Over the next three weeks we will be travelling to seven different locations, across the whole of South Africa, visiting game reserves, volunteer projects, and even wildlife vets!

We will be following the journeys of the volunteers and the workers, documenting everything they encounter during their time in these places, as well as interviews, and of course wildlife footage!

As always I will try to keep my blog updated throughout my adventures, although I’m not sure if/when I will stumble upon any wifi – so be patient with me.

It’s going to be an adventure for sure, but don’t worry…following last month’s biscuit panic, MamaB has bought my FIVE packs of biscuits to take with me, including TWO packs of malted milks. Lets just hope my suitcase doesn’t get lost this time!


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