Sally, My Gentle Giant

So I arrived back in London in the early hours of the English morning. The past month of my life in South Africa has been absolutely amazing and I would not change a single thing that happened.

Aside from my previously posted experiences, obviously the primary reason that I went to the glorious Western Cape of the bush was to attend the Wildlife Film School and learn everything about producing wildlife documentaries, aka The Dream.

edit leaning

The amount that I have learnt and the skills that I have now acquired are more extensive than I ever could have imagined. Having started the course as someone who had never filmed or edited anything, I was the producer, director, scriptwriter, cameraman, narrator, sound mixer and editor of my wildlife documentary.

Like everything, you never realise the amount of work that goes into something until you do it yourself – and now I really understand why it takes professional crews of 50 people an entire year to produce a one-hour documentary; especially when you’re filming something as unpredictable as wildlife!

So here it is…my 3-minute documentary about the beautiful relationship between the matriarchal elephant Sally, and her 20-year bond with the amazing Geoffrey!

Just do me a favour and watch it on your computers, not your phones, with the music turned up high, no earphones – for maximum enjoyment.

I really hope you like it and would really appreciate any feedback that you might have.

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