Toilet excitement on the decking

I can’t believe I’ve only got a week left here, it’s going SO QUICK!!!

Again, SO much has happened I don’t know where to begin – I’ve been so busy immersing myself in absolutely everything that I can that I haven’t had time to post anything.

However, an incredible amount to rave about as always, but I’ll try to condense it to the best/funniest bits.

So shortly after last time I posted we actually got to venture out of the forest and to a supermarket…PRAISE THE LORD the time of rationing malted milks is over!

I grabbed a few nick-nacks, amongst which were some African safari children’s plasters (why not) and of course, as karma – or opportune circumstance – would have it, the following morning was the morning for the use of those plasters.

I know you’re all wondering with uncontained excitement which incredibly dangerous African insect injected me with its venom, or which predator’s teeth I had to pry out of my flesh, but as luck would have it I only travelled to the toilet for my accident (that sounds weird).

I’ll paint the picture for you…

It had been a typical African forest rainstorm the entire night, which meant that the decking leading to the toilet was covered in a lot of water. So as I scampered to the toilet, sleep still in my tear ducts, hair remaining in my sleep-time pineapple and my towels, toiletry bag and clothes for the day in my arms, I should have predicted I would slip. And slip I did! My foot slid across the decking providing the ammunition for my entire body to fly into the air before aggressively slamming down flat onto the decking. To make it worse I smashed my arm carrying my morning supplies into the floor (hence the need for the animal plaster) meaning my toothbrush, shampoo and my RETAINER flew into the air as I lay flat out, helpless.

A fellow student heard the mighty thump and ran to my assistance. Not one to damage my ego, or even to show that I have any feelings (Lord forbid), I painfully peeled myself off the floor before whimpering away, snatching up my belongings.

So that’s the kind of genuinely dangerous experiences you have living in the jungle! I feel your jealousy!

blog plaster

No but honestly I’m having an absolutely thrilling time and I’m so happy! I’m learning an incredible amount every single day – about wildlife, about filmmaking, but also about myself. It’s crazy to think how much you can learn about yourself and the type of person that you are, and want to become, once you take away all of the materialistic things and have little to distract your focus.

So next time I say to you that I’m at a loss for who I am and what I want to do with my life, just strip off my make up, let my hair turn into the Monica-Gellar-in-Barbados afro, and chuck me on a flight to Africa. I’m even thinking of cancelling my flight home! (Sorry Mummy).

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