Recognise the quality planets

Just a quick post on a new jewellery brand I have discovered!

Now my love for it may be a bit biased as I’m a friend of the owner, but newly launched online boutique Neptune Jewellery is so unique from anything I have seen in a while I just have to share it with you!

With a stunning collection of handmade necklaces, that come in a wide array of designs and colours, if you like mythological vibing jewellery then I can be positive you’ll find something you’ll adore.

The intricate pendants include Hamsa hands in both gold and silver, crystal points in a range of spiritual-themed colours and even a Neptune and moon combination.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 15.46.55

I am in love with the entire aesthetic of the brand as a whole, which creates an up-to-date, but very clean-cut feel – spot on for those graphic designers/those with OCD like myself.

All silver necklaces are made with a sterling silver chain too, which I’ve found a struggle to find with similar jewellery – an added bonus!

Now brb I need to order 5 before they all sell out again!

You can browse and order products at              Also follow Instagram: Neptune_jewellery for new pieces, restocks and discount codes.


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