Breakfast Scrubadubdub.

I just have to rave about this body scrub I recently bought. It’s the breakfast scrub by Soap & Glory, and after just one use I was obsessed with it! I’ve been looking for a good body scrub for a while but could never find one with the perfect smell – I found that a lot of them added a random ingredient to make it smell different, for example Soap & Glory’s Sugar Crush body scrub has an overpowering smell of zesty lime which my senses did not enjoy. However, this one I got, named “Smoothie Star” is made from sugar, oats, shea butter, bananas, almonds and honey – hence the sub-name “Breakfast Scrub”. It smells gloriously divine and not at all overpowering, smelling predominantly of shea butter which is a great smell anyway.
I use it in the bath, as I’ve found that letting my skin absorb water helps the body scrub go deeper into my skin and really buff my body.
While it exfoliates my skin really well, it isn’t as harsh as other body scrubs I have used previously, which I found irritated my skin as the grains of the scrub were too rough.
I only use the scrub once a week at most, following it with a rich body lotion, but this seems more than enough to keep my skin soft and supple. I really couldn’t recommend it enough!

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