Rest In Peace Robin Williams

As I stopped for petrol in a mad dash for work this morning, I walked past the newspaper stands and noticed the image of one of my favourite childhood actors glaring back at me with the words “Robin Williams dies in ‘apparent suicide'”. With sleep still in my eyes during this 7am fuel stop, I didn’t think much more than it being another hoax due to the inverted commas and, frankly, the media world that we live in where a celebrity is rumoured to have died every other week.
As I scramble onto the bus the thought whirls my brain that if it was what I primarily suspected, it wouldn’t be splashed across every single newspaper front page this Tuesday morning.
I’m so sad to say that as I google ‘Robin Williams’ I’m met with reports from every single news channel that the talented and hilarious actor who brought so much laughter to my life is in fact no more.
Quite frankly I’m in shock and so sad about this, but it just goes to show that no one can ever really know what is truly going on in anyone else’s life.
I guess because he’s a comedian, as well as a very funny actor, you never really suspect that people like that would be ‘battling severe depression’, such as has been the reason given for him taking his own life.
You never know the hurts, upsets, strains and heartbreak in someone’s life, and what you think may be a content individual may well just be a very good actor.
So be kind, always.
And Robin Williams may you rest in peace and love.

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