Everything I’ve never told you about myself…

I’ve been told a lot, although am now only just starting to agree, that I am a very secretive person, a closed book, if you will. Not secretive in the way that I keep a lot of secrets, but in the way that I don’t give a lot away about myself.

So one of my New Year’s resolutions is to open up more, which brings me, and you, to the following list. Everyday I will add a new random fact about myself that very few or perhaps even no one knew about me. So here goes:

1. One of my top pet hates is a stranger’s hair touching me

2. I strongly dislike dolphins and cockroaches but pretty much anything else I’m cool with

3. I much prefer Kylie over Kendall

4. I’m currently living in my 5th house since I was born

5. I got my ears pierced when I was about two months old

6. Every time I go to a new country I buy a copy of their Vogue

7. I have commitment issues

8. I absolutely with a passion hate the film White Chicks and wouldn’t watch it if you paid me

9. I LOVE the reptile house at zoos

10. I will always choose a hard copy book over anything digital, to me there is nothing better than a physical book

11. It annoys me when people call dessert a “sweet”

12. I only eat the yolk of a fried egg

13. I adore cooking programmes

14. I will walk for miles and miles but I despise running

15. I’ve never eaten Ben and Jerry’s ice cream

16. I have over-extendable arms. (Picture on request)

17. I want to see the world but I have absolutely no desire to go to China, Japan or Poland

18. I have slight OCD

19. I’ve never had a nosebleed

20. I’m not scared of spiders, snakes or heights

21. I can’t hold grudges

22. I find the gentle rustling of a good quality plastic very relaxing

23. I don’t think I’ve ever been in love or anywhere close to it

24. People find it weird that I have peanut butter and grapes on toast for breakfast

25. I have a brace

26. I love aquariums

27. If I could have lived in any other time it would be 1920s Sicily

28. When I was young I had a child psychologist

29. I blog every single day because it takes me away from reality and makes me happy

30. I’ve never been fishing but I really want to go and learn how to gut a fish

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