The hustle never ends..

Coming to the end of my Journalism degree I’m constantly being told that I need to look for a serious job. In the modern media world that most likely means working for free and starting at the very bottom, and until today I definitely didn’t feel ready for that. I’m still completely unsure of exactly what I want to do with my life and that scares me. Every time I think I have a clear idea my circumstances change, as does my mind.

Today at my university I went to a guest lecture that inspired me beyond what I ever expected. The lecture was with LCC graduate, and now senior journalist and ITV News reporter, Charlene White and Dominican American television personality, actress, dancer, model and singer Julissa Bermudez. The ‘lecture’ consisted of Charlene interviewing Julissa about how she got to where she is today.

The main message that I got from the interview was to never stop hustling. When you’re young it’s so easy to imagine your future as a fairytale, thinking that everything will fall into place because you’re older and wiser, but it’s a scary prospect when you seriously have to think about how you’re going to achieve those goals. And Julissa taught me that you’ll never lose that longing of wanting to fulfill your dreams, because with each success in your career you’ll always find a new you to aspire to.

You’ll achieve things that you thought were never possible which will lead you to wonder just how much of a success to yourself you can be.

But know that it takes a lot of hard work to make those dreams a reality but let that be your motivation in life. For what is life if you don’t have goals?

Along the way you may feel frustration seeing other people succeed, perhaps further than yourself, with very little work, but rather by selling themselves cheap, but how long is that really going to last?

Julissa spoke about one of my fears which is that to get where you really want to be in your career, you will most likely have to work in areas that you don’t want to work in, but along the way you will learn new skills and gain experience in so many areas which will make you stand out in the future.

Remember your roots and remember where you came from and that should keep you grounded and humble.

Be cautious about who you surround yourself with, because that social circle will be a reflection of who you are, and everyone will notice that.

Do not give in to how the public want you to be, remember that you don’t have to fit a certain mould to stand out. Stay true to yourself and your morals and values. Aim not to be skinny or thin or to have the ‘ideal’ body but instead to stay healthy so that you have the confidence and energy to be the best version of yourself.

And lastly, remember and know that the hustle never stops. No matter how far you get in your career you will always be hustling to be the best that you can be. Beyoncé is still hustling everyday to stay on top. It just comes with life, but that isn’t something to be afraid of, and I’m not so scared anymore.

I’d just like to thank both Julissa for keeping it so real and being such an inspiration, and also Charlene who, after graduating from the same course as me at the same university, has shown me how far I can get with a lot of hard work and dedication.

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