Up 62

Since turning 19 two months ago I really feel as if I’ve changed a lot. I’ve realised what really matters in my life. I’ve learnt that there’s some things I just need to let go of. I’ve learnt not to get so worked up about the small things in life. I’ve learnt that people don’t really change; they just develop. I’ve learnt what I really want in life and what I need to do to achieve it. I’ve realised who has always been there for me and who never really was. But most of all I’ve learnt the true meaning of success in life. At the weekend I went to a family party celebrating my nanny and nonno’s 60th wedding anniversary. It’s amazing and quite unimaginable to think about being married to the same person for 60years, especially in this day and age. My whole family of Italians had come from all around the world to celebrate this rare occasion together, and that’s when it occurred to me that that must be the true feeling of success in life. Not in fact being famous, reaching number 1 in the charts, having your wedding sprawled across the pages of OK! Magazine, having millions to your name, but instead being happy. And perhaps we are most happy when we’re not aware of it. The warm feeling of having your children and grandchildren around you, smiles and cuddles and having had the same person by your side for the past 60years of your life, growing and changing together. so much has changed in their lives and it definitely hasn’t been easy but knowing that you have that person by your side who must know you better than anyone else in the whole world must be truly heart warming. If I could be with someone and continue a family as close as ours is now, only then I would consider my life a true success.

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