jUsT a BuSiNeSs ?

I watched a Channel 4 documentary last night called “sex, lies and rinsing guys” which was about a group of glamourous girls or “rinsers” who use their charm and beauty to “rinse” wealthy men for money and gifts. The documentary followed the current lifestyles of three particular girls. The girls would go to expensive nightclubs and seek out who they thought were rich men, after a five minute conversation if they thought they had cash to splash they would proceed to exchange numbers or BBM pins. Following this, the girls would simply post “statuses” lightly hinting at anything they currently desired, from Jimmy Choos to a holiday to New York. After seeing this the men would buy the girls whatever it was that they desired, in exchange for anything from a 45minute face to face date (where the men were expected to bring expensive gifts or a wad of cash in addition to paying for dinner) to a £10/min Skype chat. All of the girls made it clear to the men that sex or even a quick cuddle was never on the cards in return. So who is the stupid one here? Whilst the women received a lot of criticism for the way they would treat these men, my view stands that if there are wealthy men out there who are stupid enough to throw their money at these women and get essentially next to nothing in return, they why not? As one of the girls said, “for as long as I want to rinse guys, they’ll be guys out there for me to rinse.” I do not think that there is anything wrong with this as it is the man’s choice to give these women what they want; they never ask for it directly, the men simply offer. These girls are smart, not stupid. They use the cash to pay their household bills, look after their families and pay for their university tuition, anything extra is a bonus. But, like anything, there comes a point when it does go just a bit too far. Whilst raking up a $3,000 bill in New York, one of the girls said, “plastic is fantastic”. She was of course referring to the man’s American Express, yet there is a point of extremity when everything about your body is..well, plastic, to attract and entice these oblivious men into your money games. Fake boobs, eyelashes, hair, lips, and so on. One woman in particular appeared to have come to rely on rinsing men as her only source of income. Like everything, a line must be drawn somewhere, but is it in fact wrong? It’s interesting to wonder whether rinsing is just a phase of the times or whether it will grow and adapt to become a world wide business. For as long as women want to rinse men, there will surely be men out there to rinse. 

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