gOoD iMpReSsIoNs?

Fashion photography is a demanding profession. Everyday new images are created in new and extreme scenarios, with technology ever developing, there is always an audience wanting more from an image. More boundaries pushed, more rules broken. The correct use of this image creation and what really is ‘too far’, all depends upon instinct of the individual photographers themselves, and it is up to the audience to decide how they will perceive it as an individual. It is the fashion photographer’s job to create an illusion, and if carried out correctly, the results are not merely an illusion, but in fact make the observer see what they wish to see. 

Every aspect in modern society is looking for something new, original and exciting -“average” just simply won’t do. Ironically, image appears to be everything, and not just the images that are a fashion photograph. We are constantly being built up and pressurised to be bigger and better than what was once acceptable. Everything we strive to do seems to be to impress others instead of suiting ourselves, even strangers on the street, or more likely, the ‘friends’ on social networking sites. Whether it’s taking two (or ten) shots too many on the first night of Freshers to show you’re the life of the party, or spending far too much money on shoes that you will never wear just to upload a picture of them onto Facebook. Everyone is looking for something exciting and wild, with the examples of newly successful Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj – would they really be as successful if they wore ordinary clothes? They certainly wouldn’t be photographed half as much if they did, that’s for sure. There definitely appears to be a larger focus on their image than their vocal talents. No one in this world can deny being guilty of this; the question is when will this obsession stop? Seeing five year olds strutting around with make up and mobiles, seven year olds with Facebook profiles? Perhaps it has gone too far already to ever truly end. Don’t lose yourself.

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