Life without plastic: one year on

Can you believe it's been an entire YEAR since I wrote My Month Without Plastic? Me neither. But it has, and a lot has changed in a year. Arguably, plastic pollution is worse than ever and yet we are more conscious of it now than we ever have been. We’ve seen plenty of images of turtles with... Continue Reading →

Photographers Against Wildlife Crime

When passionate people come together to fight against injustice, whilst speaking out for those who cannot speak for themselves, great change can be achieved - that’s what I thought whilst perusing the pages of the latest wildlife photography masterpiece ‘Photographers Against Wildlife Crime’. The book is a collection of photographs from an international group of... Continue Reading →

Venom: my brush with death

You’ve heard the claim that in your final seconds on Earth, your entire life flashes before your eyes? Well, it really happened for me, although it wasn’t quite as I would have imagined. Instead of memories of the most prominent parts of my life, I had glimpses of what I presumed were insignificant moments; such... Continue Reading →

My month without plastic

Plastics. They’re everywhere. Literally everywhere. Just looking around this minimalist café now I’d need more fingers and toes to count the amount of plastic items that I can see. Yet it’s now more apparent than ever how damaging they are to, not only our natural environments and wildlife, but also to our own health. So I... Continue Reading →

Vultures for Valentine’s

It’s the 14th February - Valentine’s Day - and whether you’re in a relationship or not, you can’t escape the intrusive reminder to think about those people and things that you love. If I asked you to think of an animal that you adore, I imagine you would think of a beautiful big cat, a... Continue Reading →

What is the Illegal Wildlife Trade?

The figures for the number of rhinos that were poached in South Africa in 2017 have just been released. With all of the increased awareness, education and understanding of just how few of these iconic animals the world has left, rhino poaching numbers should have decreased - right? Well, in fact they have - by... Continue Reading →

How to achieve your 2018 goals

As 2018 commences, that perfect time for making New Year’s resolutions begins. The classic time when we all set good intentions with positive thoughts, only to find that a few months/weeks/days down the line we realise our resolutions were a little unrealistic or we’ve only seen them as a ‘January thing’. I’m happy to say... Continue Reading →

How is losing insects affecting us?

What’s the news? Do you remember driving 70mph down the motorway and having to activate your windscreen wipers every now and then with an added spray of screenwash...not due to anything other than trying to get those pesky insects off your windscreen? Now think back, can you remember the last time that you had to... Continue Reading →

Chew your nails, save a rhino

I recently attended one of the most inspiring events that I’ve ever been to. It was the launch of Remembering Rhinos, a collaboration in book form of some of the world’s best wildlife photographers with the collective goal of raising much needed funds for rhino conservation. Not only is the book a stunning collection of... Continue Reading →

Should we all be eating insects?

It’s no secret that we are not using the earth’s resources sustainably, meaning that if we do not change our current habits drastically, the world will be a very different place in the not too distant future. And not in a good way as our supply won’t be able to meet the demand. The positive... Continue Reading →

International Vulture Awareness Day

When most people think of vultures, they envisage giant, feathered, dirty scavengers, the characters from the Lion King hanging around on the branch without really contributing much, and big scary birds to be afraid of. But vultures are in fact hugely important to a healthy ecosystem, and keep everything in balance in the natural world.... Continue Reading →


It's #WorldElephantDay today - my favourite animal in the entire world and my spirit animal since birth!  A lot of people adore elephants, and I think that one of the reasons why is because many people feel that they can relate to elephants due to their similarities to us, which is really wonderful when you think... Continue Reading →


It's #WorldLionDay today - a celebration of the kings and queens of the animal kingdom, the most socially big cats in the world, and a perfect opportunity to spread awareness about the plight of one of Africa's most iconic species. Today, on this special day of appreciation for lions, please help me to spread awareness by... Continue Reading →

A butterfly’s life

If you follow me on Instagram, chances are you would have seen my daily videos about my latest experience - watching and helping five beautiful caterpillars  journey from their larval stages as tiny caterpillars to five beautiful, healthy butterflies which are key to our environment. The main idea behind this was that whilst the majority... Continue Reading →

Why should we care about bees?

The end of June brought with it the end of this year’s Great British Bee Count. And what a tremendous count it was. It is increasingly becoming common knowledge that bees are in dire need of our help, as their rapid decline also hinders our own survival as a species. With an increased usage of... Continue Reading →


It's wonderful to notice things The way in which the bold white spines of the feathers lay diagonally across the screen The shades of green and earthy brown representing the solid connection to nature The vibrant blue moving focus across the image The intricate intertwining of delicate hairs The perfectly designed placement to provide a... Continue Reading →

The Great British Bee Count

During the bank holiday weekend I took part in the Great British Bee Count. As we all know, bees are essential for our own survival, but they are rapidly declining due to a number of factors including heavy usage of strong pesticides, climate change, and the stress of the same bees being trucked from field-to-field... Continue Reading →

How to make fat balls in 3 easy steps

Garden birds love fat balls and bird cakes that are commonly available in pet stores, garden centres and even some major supermarkets. However, they are also super easy to make at home using a few simple ingredients. What you will need: bird seeds peanuts raisins grated cheese vegetable suet A container such as a yoghurt... Continue Reading →

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